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Tiggur's Blog, May

Wow! what a busy few weeks it's been here, lately.  One afternoon, my sister Sirna had her first baby.  I remember two years ago watching Sirna being born in the afternoon. How time flies!  She had just the one ram lamb and did very well.  However, when she decided it was time to bring the baby up to meet the rest of the family, Auntie Elsa wanted the baby.  Poor Sirna didn't know what to do.  Auntie Elsa is pretty intimidating when she sets her mind on something.  My niece Maggie came over to try and sort things out, but Auntie Elsa would have none of that.  Sirna heard the shepherd down the road so she began to call, knowing that shepherd would come up and fix things.  Sure enough, shepherd arrived with a flashlight and the other shepherd and they got the lamb and Sirna out without too much trouble.  Was Auntie Elsa mad!

Sirna stayed down at the barn for awhile and then she and mama and my sister Stella and Cora went into the next field.  The shepherd stayed overnight with them.  I was sad because I like it when the shepherd sleeps with me.

Then, the time of year when the people at the monastery rings bells at night happened. It was right after the full moon and it was the middle of the night and the bells went crazy!!  Then I can hear a bunch of people singing as they walk around outside the house.  Then they begin to holler,"Christ is risen!"  and, "Christos Anesti" AND "Christos Voskres!"  They carry little sticks with fire on them.  Then they all go back inside and there's more singing and hollering.

A few days after that, it was time for us to move.  Mama went across the road into the little tree pasture.  We went into the field with the pine trees. I like that field - I have my own tree that I lay under.  It's cool in the daytime, warm in the wind and drier when it rains.  Today shepherd came out and visited me under my tree.  She found a sore spot on top of my head and was worried that flies would eat me.  She sprayed some stuff on that stung and I didn't like that at all.  But she said I'd be safe from the flies now.

We now have 5 lambs - all out of my sisters except one - that one is my sister.  Just Perooz left to lamb.  I think she'll go pretty soon.  That's what shepherd says.  Perooz isn't any relation to me at all.

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