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Maude's Pages

May 2001

Maude in the Snow

(Webmaster's note: Maude is having a major crisis -- major events happened here in April: Holy Week, Pascha, shearing and Myrrhbearers' Sunday. She had thought shearing would be the most important event, and indeed it was for her. But as it was her first shearing, she hadn't realized it would be so -- well -- TOTAL. We think the pictures she had arranged for came out well, but it has taken awhile to convince her she's ready to have the world see her "naked" as she puts it. Thanks for giving us a couple of days to work this through.... We've promised her we'll leave up her first and second pages so this won't be all there is to see...)

O.K. So I'm not at my best. I was going to tell you all about the great midnight event our servants staged last month: We were peacefully sleeping in the fields and the next thing we know, all of our servants were out walking around holding candles, with a lot of extra creatures like themselves -- and they were ringing all the bells! Turns out it was THE MAJOR EVENT they had been working up to for those six weeks. My shepherd told me it was one of the nicest Paschas they ever had, but they nearly scared us to death with all that ringing in the middle of the night! They did a little ringing at Christmas, but nothing like this, and for sure, they didn't all walk out to see us in the snow! But then they probably don't see stars and angels the way we do at that time of year.

So I'm going to give in and let them show you the worst. Last month, I was the one keeping after my shepherd to put up my page -- this time, she has been after me, telling me how great the photos came out...

I know I'm not perfect. What do you expect? I'm not even a year old yet! And they built up this event like it was a big turning point in my life. Were they ever right! It's going to take months before I will look like a respectable sheep again (let alone a cover girl). My shepherd has been trying to tell me I look elegant now. I'll let you decide.

This is how it all started.  Here I am with my shearer, Nancy. She's one of our servants who doesn't live here, but makes special visits from time to time.  They told me this was going to be the first and most special shearing, as I was
maude shearing
wearing lambs wool, which is the finest kind, and they can make a baby blanket out of my fleece. They just didn't tell me they were going to take the WHOLE THING!
maude shearing
Here goes. I wanted them to take pictures through it all -- little did I know what we were getting into! It started out innocently enough:
Just a bit under the belly where it doesn't show anyway.  Although I should have suspected more was up when she flipped me over like that. And she just kept going! 
maude shearing
maude shearing
This was the unkindest cut of all:  All the beautiful curls on my forehead! 
My shepherd says they will grow in better than ever in time for next Christmas (that's when we wait in the fields and watch for the stars and the angels.
maude shearing
We have to look our best, since that's the time of year when Our Shepherd in Heaven came and visited us, and ever since then all sheep the world over keep a special vigil!) 
Still, it's painful to look at these pictures and remember how this went.  After all, I have my public image to think of!
maude shearing
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