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Managed ALTA Compliance

Are you compliant with the ALTA (America Land Title Association) Best Practices Framework? Are you sure? Not knowing is tantamount to being negligent. If you are a covered entity you MUST provide appropriate safeguards to protect your client. It is a best practice and demonstrably reduces your liability.

What do you know?

alta.png.The reality is you do not know what you don’t know. Do you know what kind of non public information is on your various business equipment and computers? Do you know the real world value of the data that resides in (and you are responsible for protecting)? Is your data backed up? Where?

StarlIT Technology can perform an assessment of your compliance with the Third Pillar of the ALTA Best Practices Framework to ensure you have the required technical, physical and administrative controls in place. After this assessment project, you will have a deliverable that clearly delineates where your greatest risk is and what needs to be protected. We can then provide remediation for the findings or you can hand our report (and supporting documentation) to your current IT provider so that they can see what they need to resolve.

Our StarlIT Sentry +C and StarlIT Sentinel clients enjoy these robust assessments as part of their full service solution.