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Meet Tiggur

Hi, this is Tiggur. I am an Icelandic sheep here at zoar farms. Marguerite has been super busy these days, so she said I could write a few lines to you.

As i said, I am an icelandic sheep, I am 3 and a half years old and appear in a lot of places when somebody needs a sheep for a christmas play. I have been to the lutherans' church, the episcopalian plays at the local farmers' museum, a local vacation bible school and, this past year, i went to a ukrainian church in a big city called binghamton. i enjoyed seeing the things in the city from the car window.

i wanted to see what was in the manger in my first Christmas production but the handler wouldn't let me. he just didn't understand - i wouldn't wreck anything, i just wanted to see.

i enjoy being in these things and really like meeting people. this year i met some people in chairs with wheels. i wanted to especially visit with them, they just seemed to enjoy touching my fleece. sometimes, i'm nervous if i'm by myself, but my shepherd is around to make sure nothing too scary happens. i'm glad for that.

Some nights she comes out and we visit while the stars are shining and things are quiet. we doze and relax and talk to god. i can talk to god anytime, but in the dark and in the quiet with a friend are special times.

well, that's about all the time i have for now, it's almost time for mama to bring everybody under the trees for a nap. mama kira is in charge up here. we pretty much do what she says. she's older and smarter than most of us and shepherd says to pay attention to her.

'bye for now
tigg (that's what my friends call me)

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